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Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux Systems for video, audio, sensor, and control.

Signetik excels in designing embedded Linux systems for a wide range of applications, including audio, video, control, sensors, and IoT. Our capabilities extend to modifying kernels, writing drivers, and developing applications and web servers, using standard distributions like Debian and Ubuntu, as well as non-Linux systems like FreeBSD. We often utilize Yocto for creating more compact designs. Our expertise includes implementing low power solutions with processor sleep modes, managing memory and flash interfaces, and integrating various communication protocols such as Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C, and PoE. Partner with Signetik to achieve efficient, tailored embedded systems for your specific needs. We have been working with embedded Linux systems for decades, using custom tools before the creation of many of the modern development systems.

An image of the Signetik GWB-A1-ODC gateway baseboard.
  • BLE or LoRa Gateway/Hub
  • Advanced edge processing
  • Higher performance
  • Line or Solar powered

Signetik can help you with modules and design services.