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Embedded IoT

Embedded IoT devices and hubs

Signetik excels in developing embedded low-power devices specifically designed for sensor reading in IoT applications. Our expertise ensures that devices are optimized for minimal power consumption, compact size, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for a wide range of uses. We specialize in integrating various sensors and developing custom firmware to maximize efficiency and data accuracy. By leveraging advanced low-power technologies and innovative design techniques, we create solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of IoT devices. Partner with Signetik to benefit from cutting-edge, low-power, small, and affordable solutions for all your sensor reading needs.

An image of the Signetik LRN-R1-TC module.
An image of the Signetik GWB-A1-ODC gateway baseboard.
An image of the Signetik LRN-N1-TC module.
An image of the Signetik M1-B2-LPC module.
Use Cases
  • Low cost end nodes
  • Sensor data to cloud
  • More advanced cloud processing
  • Light processing at the edge

Signetik can help you with modules and design services.