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The primary objective of Signetik IoT products is to provide our customers with a reliable and secure path to realizing their own products. Our IoT products are meticulously designed from the ground up to be robust and ready for field deployments, ensuring your operations run smoothly. They are tailored to serve the most common use cases, giving you the confidence that your needs are met. Ready to dive deeper into our innovative IoT products?

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Custom Design Services

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At Signetik, we offer electronic/embedded engineering design services that are backed by our team's extensive expertise. With our experience in hardware, firmware, software, embedded, and wireless designs, we can help you overcome your design challenges and bring your ideas to production. Our team of skilled engineers and programmers can either augment your team or take full responsibility for the design process, ensuring the highest quality of service. Curious about how our custom design services can help you over your design challenges?

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Wireless Embedded Systems

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Get connectivity anywhere. Harness the right technology to keep your data flowing. We have extensive expertise with LoRa™, BLE, WiFi, GNSS/GPS, Embedded Linux, Embedded Firmware, and Signal Processing.


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Rapidly bring a new product to production with premade parts and expert design services in high-speed signals, memory, processors, RF, and antennae.

Cloud and Web Technology

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Use the power of the web and the cloud to take your systems to the next level. Our experts can help you design a solution using React, Angular, AWS, GCP, Azure, serverless, or mobile phone applications.

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BLE to Cellular Hub
If you're in need of a hassle-free BLE to cellular hub, look no further than our M1-B1-USB-CSTX solution. We have the PCB, software, power supply, and enclosure all ready for seamless integration into your system. And if you require any changes to the software or branding, we're more than happy to accommodate your needs. With Signetik, you can be confident that your integration process will be smooth and straightforward.
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LoRa, BLE, GPS, Wifi Scanning in one module!
Powered by the Semtech® LR1110 and the Nordic® nRF52840, our SigLRN™ module is a versatile solution for intelligent IoT applications. With BLE for configuration or data relaying, LoRa for long-range communication, and GPS and WiFi scanning for precise location tracking, it's a comprehensive package. Its high-density low-profile connector can interface with low-cost sensor boards and MCU/MPU systems, while the twin connector provides an alternate interface to existing systems. Sensor boards are available from Signetik or can be rapidly designed based on freely available reference design files. Best of all, it's ready to use without the need for custom coding.

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