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LoRa, BLE, GPS, Wifi Scanning in one module!
Based on the Semtech® LR1110 and the Nordic® nRF52840, LoRaWAN network, BLE capable, and location services. SigLRN™ is designed for intelligent IoT applications. BLE allows for configuration or relaying data as a gateway. LoRa along with GPS and WiFi scanning provides indoor and outdoor solutions to location tracking. A high-density low-profile connector is capable of interfacing to low-cost sensor boards as well as MCU/MPU systems. Twin connector allows an alternate interface to exiting systems. Sensor boards are available from Signetik or rapidly designed based on freely available reference design files. Ready to use without custom coding.
Wireless and embedded design services available!
Signetik provides electronic and embedded engineering design services to help you with your design challenges. Our experience in hardware, firmware, software, embedded, and wireless designs can help you get to production. Our team of engineerings and programmers can augment your team or simply handle the design from concept to production. We offer consulting services for embedded MCU systems, PCB design, embedded firmware, embedded Linux, IoT from device to cloud, web development, RF and antenna design, and more. Turn-key system designs are also among our offerings. Let us help you today!

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