Signetik provides electronic/embedded engineering design services to help you with your design challenges. Our experience in hardware, firmware, software, embedded, and wireless designs can help you get to production. Our team of engineerings and programmers can augment your team or simply handle the design from concept to production. Let us help you today!
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Signetik provides you the expertise to realize your product ideas quickly. Signetik engineering staff are experienced in creating production ready embedded designs.
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Areas of Expertise
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Embedded Hardware Design

Signetik has the team of experts to handle component selection, schematic design, PCB layout, prototypes, testing, certifications, and production. We can take your idea to production, or handle a subset to augment your own staff.


Embedded Firmware Design

Signetik has a strong embedded firmware team that can create a design that suits your needs. Proper design processes and source code control help facilitate the quality control needed to deliver high quality software.

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Embedded Systems Board Bring-up

Bringing up new embedded systems involves learning new chips and peripherals in an unstable and unknown environment. It can be quite troublesome and daunting, especially since it is not something that many companies do very often. At Signetik, we do this all the time and have become extremely efficient, yet thorough. We can help take your boards from assembly line to a stable development environment, often in just a matter of a few weeks. We can even help review schematics and make suggestions based on our experience.


Nordic Semiconductor

Signetik has experience in Nordic's wireless embedded technologies, utilizing our Zephyr RTOS, Nordic cellular, and BLE experience to help see your design to successful cpompletion. We are experienced with Nordic's offering, supporting you with LWM2M, FOTA, LTE, BLE central and peripherals, component configuration, regulatory and carrier certification, RF design, device security, network security, cloud services, and more! Let us help you in the way that best fits your needs.

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LoRa Design Services

Signetik has nearly a decade of experience in designing LoRa systems, paying special attention to security issues and provisioning. We can design LoRa radio systems, antennas, LoRaWAN systems, end-node, gateway, network server and more. Let us help you rapidly get to production with our years of experience and knowledge of security. We have even developed a system for firmware updating MCU code over LoRa via patches, resulting in patches of new software that are typically under 2 kB!



Signetik has decades of experience in wireless technologies, going back to designing digital modems over LMR, to modern Wi-Fi, BLE, and Cellular designs. Additionally, we have experience with low power designs using Zigbee/XBee, LoRa, and more. We can help with device selection, HW design, firmware/drivers support, using Linux, RTOS or a non-OS solution.

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Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux systems often have a steep learning curve just to get them up and running or to solve complex issues on new systems. Even with a good solid reference design, there is much to do in order to adapt the reference software to your own hardware. Signetik can help you adapt the kernel to your system and help develop drivers needed to control your specific peripherals. Once the system has been adapted, you will be able to develop your applications and algorithms using a stable development environment. Signetik can also help you address various issues you may be having on existing systems.


Peripheral Drivers for MCU or OS

Having experience with many peripherals, through hardware abstraction layers, and using OS kernels, we understand peripherals! We have experience with SD/MMC, USB, UART, CAN, MTD, SDIO, WiFi chipsets, BLE chipsets, GPS, Accelerometers, Video, LCD, PCIe, shared memory, McBSP/McASP, and more! We have experience with the peripherals at a low level, such as writing USB controller code for non-OS applications as well as integrating and operating these peripherals into an OS such as embedded Linux or Windows.

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Memory Technologies

High speed memory devices are often problematic when it comes to getting things working at all, let alone at full speed. We are highly experienced with placing DDR3/4, NAND, NOR, eMMC, and other memory devices on the PCB and getting the system to recognize these devices at maximum speed!



We specialize in embedded microcontrollers for cost-effective, low-power solutions. Whether you need hardware, firmware, or design support, we've got you covered. Our expertise spans machine control, IoT, machine learning, wireless/wired communication, low-power systems, and sensor integration. From bare metal to real-time OS such as Zephyr and ThreadX, we work with diverse peripherals and microcontrollers including ARM Cortex-M series.

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Zephyr RTOS

At Signetik, we excel in Zephyr RTOS services, ideal for resource-constrained devices. Our services include crafting board support packages, developing drivers and applications, and assisting with project setup. Leveraging Zephyr's open-source flexibility and architecture support, we enhance your codebase for optimized efficiency and manageability, tailored to your connected embedded devices.


Cloud Services

We specialize in AWS, GCP, and Azure-backed web services. Utilizing AWS EC2, GCP Compute Engine, and Azure VMs for backend design, as well as other features for IoT, ML, AI, and even SPA, and more. Leveraging various cloud services we ensure secure, scalable, worldwide deployment. Rely on us for expert cloud system setup and programming support using React, Node.JS, Java, and more.

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Signal Processing

With several decades of DSP experience, we specialize in algorithm design, implementation, and optimization. Our expertise spans Texas Instruments' DSP family, from fixed-point to floating-point, single-core to multi-core. We craft DSP systems, including complex boards, pushing performance boundaries. Our track record includes leading-edge algorithms and extensive TI C5000/C6000, OMAP, and DM series familiarity.


Mobile Apps

At Signetik, we excel in mobile app design, sculpting seamless experiences for users. With expertise in iOS, Android, and cross-platform development, we craft engaging interfaces. Navigating the intricacies of app stores and user preferences, we ensure your app stands out. Elevate your mobile presence with our innovative approach.

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Web Development

At Signetik, we specialize in crafting exceptional web applications. With our proficiency in React, Angular, and NextJS, we create engaging digital experiences. Seamlessly utilizing AWS, GCP, and Azure, we ensure scalability and security. Elevate your online presence with our expertise, unlocking endless possibilities for web innovation.